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Surviving the LOCKDOWN - 5 Easy Tips

I thought I would share some tips on dealing with Lockdown.

Ironically I have been in lockdown for much of my life, give and take the good days /weeks.

Having an auto-immune disease means sometimes you are bedridden/housebound for months, and are hardly able to walk, let alone go out to meet a friend and do all the things that healthy people take for granted.

This is meant that much of my life has been orchestrated from within the boundaries of my home. This is what got me through the long periods when I couldn’t leave the house.

These might seem like obvious things.. but sometimes its easy to forget … so here we go …..

Having time on your hands is wonderful, but too much time can make you over think!

So I think finding structure in your day is important.

I get up at the same time everyday, even when I don’t feel like it, and write my book.

I have learnt that sleeping in can make you feel worse, because this is a time when you ruminate on fear thoughts. Its best to just get up!

Positive affirmations really do help to turn your mind around and make for a better day. Its so easy to make stories and run with them.

The first thought you have when you wake up is the most important thought all. I always try and turn it round, especially if I wake up feeling negative.

I think it’s important to have a special space that’s just for you. A place where you can you can listen to music, light a candle, do yoga, come back to yourself.

Creativity is the key. Whether its crafting, baking, gardening, writing, singing, redecorating, it all connects you to your heart.

Pamper yourself!

Even if you aren’t going out, dress up like a princess anyway! It makes you feel so much better. I love Ewa I Walla for that, with all her beautiful dresses, bloomers and petticoats.

Keep your body moving with gentle exercise and eat well.

Get out in the garden or balcony or even just open windows – thank goodness its spring!

Converse with the flowers and birds.

Trust you are exactly where you are meant to be, and learning what you are meant to learn.

Keep breathing! Know that you aren’t alone!

We are so blessed ( in some ways) to be living in a world of Facebook and Instagram, where we can find a whole network of support with like minded friends …

And lastly do a gratitude list, and a prayer for the world, before you go to sleep.

It works!

Stay safe … keep seeing the beauty in all things .. however small .. we will get through this … together!!!!!!

And remember you don’t have to travel outside of yourself to take a beautiful journey.

Big hug Madeleine xxx

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1 Comment

Sheila Shedd
Sheila Shedd
Apr 08, 2020

Such beautiful, true words. These simple tweaks to our mindset: if you wake with a negative thought, replace it immediately with one of optimism....even if you don't truly believe it, just saying it out loud will help it become real. Thanks, Maddie!! My day feels bright <3

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