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 Ewa I Walla

I can’t quite describe quite how I felt when I first walked into Ewa I Walla's shop in the Old Town of Stockholm. 

It held magic - each garment looked as it might take flight from the hanger and throw itself into my arms. I had walked into a textile wonderland of crisp cottons, sumptuous silks, voile and linen.

Ewa I Walla is more than a clothing label - it is a way of life - a second skin.


Each piece a work of art and when you wear it can be anything that you dream.

I am proud to be an official ambassador for Ewa I Walla.

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for exclusive reviews of current & past Ewa I Walla Seasons and to see my collection of Ewa I Walla collectors pieces.


I also offer exclusive 1-1 fashion consultations by facetime & Skype to help you create your own unique Ewa I Walla look & build a wardrobe of  Ewa I Walla pieces that complement your figure & lifestyle.

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