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Coming out of Lockdown

It’s been ten days since we have been out of lockdown and I still haven’t been out of the house (apart from to walk Lilly).

When I first heard about the life threatening effects of the Corona virus I decided to stay in until the vaccine came.

This is due to my immune system that is already compromised. I really don’t think my body could take it.

I am not saying I would die, but already I spend too much of my life bedbound with Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, Hashimoto and fibromyalgia.

My plan is to feel the best I have ever felt by the time I am sixty. That’s a few years away, but it was a virus that stole much of my previous life.

But as the weeks have passed, my view is slowly changing.

For my mental health I need to see friends. Unlike my beautiful husband who is very much a lone bear - I miss the company of others.So I have decided to go out and resume some kind of life.

I know it won’t be the same as before. We will be wearing our masks, keeping a distance.

And I will meet everyone outside – picnics in the countryside will be nice, after all it is summer.

But I have to say I am quite amazed at how the Corona virus has divided the world. Some people are complaining that they will not be told what to do – they want ‘freedom’.

Others, like myself, locking themselves away.

Basically we don’t know the full impact of this virus, and until we do, we do we need to take it seriously. Of course it’s confusing as various countries deal with the virus in different ways.

We are getting so many mixed messages and can we trust that the governments have our best interests at heart ?

The virus is mutating at a fast rate. It shows itself in many forms, resulting from death to barely a cold. There is talk of conspiracies too & man-made origins.

But that still isn’t a good reason not to follow the rules, it doesn’t make the virus less dangerous.

This is a time to look out for others.The world is changing.

We have been forced to slow down & re-evaluate. Let’s learn from this.This is the time to press the re-start button ..

It wasn’t working before … we were going too fast & we were tripping over ourselves.

I hope we can start celebrating life, in a new more thoughtful way – in tune with the nature, in tune with animals, in tune with God.

I think of my grandmother in Sweden; her beautiful handwriting, her magnificent embroidered work, each stitch, echoed a stillness, a quiet minute, a slowing down of the heart.

Lets stop for a moment .. lets reconnect.

The world can go one of two ways … We have a choice – let’s wake up to what really counts before it’s too late

We can all make a difference … Life must go on..But we must be careful.

For the sake of the elderly and the sick.

For the sake of our precious world.

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2 Kommentare

Ra Martin
Ra Martin
03. Juni 2020

Just thinking of your Grandmother and her "stitching" heart makes me breathe deeper and slower. Wise words xxxx

Gefällt mir

Sheila Shedd
Sheila Shedd
25. Mai 2020

I love this. You have such a beautiful way of providing us food for thought <3

Gefällt mir
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