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Madeleine's Kitchen

madeleine lee makes organic gluten free
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Welcome to my kitchen.
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Every week I will be sharing with you a delicious range of gluten free, paleo or organic recipes to make your mouth water because eating well is crucial to your health. 

As someone with CFS/Lyme/Hashimoto/Fibromyalgia I need to give my body the best nutrients & support I can to help my microbiome & aid my recovery.

Healthy food that is part of a gluten free, paleo or organic diet tastes incredible. And it doesn't have to be difficult to cook or take a huge amount of time to make.

Every meal should be a gastronomic treat but I try to keep it simple and fresh every time.


We are lucky that we have organic farms nearby for great vegetables & meat but we try where we can to eat with the seasons and to use less  foods with major air miles (except when we really fancy something!)

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You will also find cooking videos regularly uploaded to my Youtube Channel for you to enjoy -       


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