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Living a fairy tale with Madeleine Lee

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

We all have a choice in which way to live our lives. I choose magic.

That’s why I love the Brocante world, the Ewa I Walla world or any other romantic fashion ideal.

There are so many of us who love this way of life. I wish we could all live together in a beautiful town with magical shops and cosy cafes to chat away the days. A place where we can dance in our bloomers and petticoats and eat chocolate cake without getting fat.

People have mixed reactions to facebook and instagram. I love it as for me it is a virtual family, full of kindred spirits.

In the old days, people had pen-pals. Now we have facebook and instagram.

I have had the honour to meet such wonderful souls on both sites. Some also in real life too and I have never been disappointed.

I can’t imagine a life without it. This is where a lot of my magical friends come from.

We are a romantic bunch and support each other daily with positive posts, and words of comfort. Sometimes through letters and surprising gifts.

We are all of a certain age - often over forty and up. We don’t want to follow society rules. We won’t be boxed into a category and we won’t grow old.

We transform our homes into fairytale castles, bake cake and make homemade lemonade when friends visit. We adore each season and bring it into our homes and allow it to influence what we wear.

As summer finishes, luscious instagram pictures appear of pumpkins and baking, stews, open fires and golden forests. We all snuggle into our layers. At last we can wear all our petticoats without melting. Our soft wool leggings, hats and gloves and cosy cardigans.

We start craving cinnamon and hot chocolate. We jump up and done in crispy autumn leaves like we are seventeen again.

We bring in bits of the forest around the house. We light candles & have discussions about whether to bring the Christmas decorations down from the attic or not. ( It is already October after all).

I did a Christmas shoot at the end of September for Loving Brocante magazine. In my opinion, the best brocante magazine in the world.

I couldn’t help it. Yes, you guessed it. I left the christmas decorations up. And so Christmas began three weeks ago in this house.

I am restraining myself though by not playing Christmas music until the first of November.

Right. Off now to roast chestnuts on an open fire. Yes seriously. More later be continued ..

brocante decorations at the fairytale dinner with madeleine lee
dinner at montaurand the home of madeleine lee

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1 Comment

Sheila Shedd
Sheila Shedd
Oct 23, 2019

Wonderful! Such an inspiring thought; pumpkin soup and cozy woolens....sigh <3

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