Yummy Spicy Root Vegetable Soup ……

homemade root vegetable soup and le creuset pan soup

I get a real feeling of satisfaction in the swedish interior design kitchen when the fridge is more or less empty and I manage to rustle up something delicious with the odds and ends left in the vegetable draw …. here I threw in a couple of parsnips, carrots, celery, a garlic bulb and a butternut squash and swede that I had been meaning to use for ages onto chopping board, I cut them into chunks, placed them on oven tray, scattered a  good few table spoons of cumin seeds on them, seasoned and added a dollop of oil … placed them  in the oven to roast until tender  …. meanwhile I fried a couple of onions and a leak in butter until soft .. use a a good sized cast iron cooking… and added a few teaspoons of curry power and cinnamon and paprika …. to this I added three mugs of veg stock, let it simmer …. added roast veg when ready … simmer some more … just 10 mins or so and then threw in blender ….  I then heated soup up again in pot and poured single cream in and pinch of salt as finishing touch ….. Yum ……… 
Spicy Root Vegetable Soup


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Yummy Spicy Root Vegetable Soup
Yummy Spicy Root Vegetable Soup recipe from madeleine lee

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