Writing on the wall…………..

I love writing beautiful messages on the wall, many of my designs have been inspired by Trompe L’oiel from Swedish manor houses or from the work of Carl and Karin Larsson … their is no reason why the walls of the house can’t be used as an artist pallet. 

                             This beautiful simple design is painted upon the walls of our bedroom 

This is on our furniture, I carried this image across to our window boxes on the balcony too

This is painted in the entrance to the guest room, from the film ‘its a Wonderful Life’

       Karin Larsson painted these ribbons in her home, I used the same image for our guest room at swedish interior design

              I have continued the theme of the Trompe L’oiel from the bedroom into the bathroom

In the living room we had a huge window facing a brick wall so I asked a beautiful artist friend of mine to paint this picture of the different aspects of me. I have always been fascinated by the sub- personalities of the human mind…. this is very much what my novel ‘The Seven Shards’ is based on ….

Once again inspired by Carl Larsson and his wife, Karin …. ‘Medlidande’ means compassion in Swedish…..  

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