Welcoming autumn into the house

Its here, winters on it way … I have to restrain myself from breaking open the boxes of christmas decorations, throwing wreaths of pine across the fireplaces, sweeping warm coloured throws across the the beds … stop … stop … control yourself I say… so I start with the little things … hanging Swedish star lights in the window, trailing strings of white lights within dark corners and lighting candles everywhere, lighting the fire… now I am ready to embrace the dark mornings and long winter nights …. oh and yes, not to forget to change my summer fragrances into warm wintery musks …. and get out my winter wardrobe …oh and start cooking spicy delicious stews …

by the bedside 
on the balcony

in the kitchen 

                                                  wrapping up in Ewa I Walla

                           and of course snuggling up with the cat can keep you warm …. 
                 ….. thats Zuzu by the way in the swedish interior design kitchen…. lovely lovely autumn ….

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