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I shall begin with a little background history on me and my company Swedish Interior Design for those of you who don’t already know …

My mother is Swedish but I have always lived in England, although I spent all my summers and winters there I feel far more Swedish than English, when I am standing on Swedish ground I am ‘home’…. And that is why I have brought Sweden to England. 

My home, which we use, as a show house for my company Swedish Interior Design is full of Sweden and Sweden is what I shall bring to you. 

Swedish Interior Design started upon an old sleigh in the outskirts of a snow-laden forest of where my parents live. 

We were visiting an antique market … and my husband, (who by the way has morphed from English into a Swede) decided that the sleigh would be perfect to watch the storms from in our apartment by the sea. 

My father brought it for him as a birthday present, and there begins our journey of Swedish Interior Design, for our dear friend Ola, the man who sold us the sleigh, became our Swedish partner in sourcing stunning swedish furniture. We now sell all over the world.

I am also very blessed to be a UK Brand ambassador for Swedish Fashion Ewa I Walla : Everyday I shall be opening my wardrobe of beautiful Ewa I Walla clothes for you… showing you the different styles she has created over the seasons and bringing you tips on different ways to wear her clothes and of course lifestyle ideas. 

My love for Ewa I Walla: outfit of the day

The inspiration for Ewa I Walla comes from old Swedish farming, 18th century and modern haute couture. 

Her clothes are sensual and feminine creations, they come alive when you put them, and you can wear several layers at a time. 

She uses fabrics like linen, cotton, silk, tricot, taffeta and canvas all treated with a wonderful secret ingredient that means they stay fresh and beautiful no matter what! 

You need to wear it to feel it, it has changed my life as I go from girl/woman to defiantly all woman. 

I walk around my skirts swishing around me, I wear pantaloons underneath so I can still be girly and kick my legs up in the air.. I mean we don’t want to grow up too much do we ….

see more about ewaiwalla at www.ewaiwalla.se

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