Very, very, vintage …….with the beautiful Elif Kose …..

Although my wardrobe is full of the wonderful designs of Ewa I Walla I am still partial to the odd vintage piece……. yesterday I was privileged to get a glimpse of some of the wonderful pieces that are about to go public next weekend at the vintage fair organised by the beautiful Elif Kose in Rottingdean ….. wonderful coats, dresses, lace, hats, antique fabrics, hosiery…….. all through the 1900’s ….. I even bought a couple of pieces before they got snapped up …. these wonderful lace curtains that had once been hanging in a castle and the most amazing black fur coat (made in Stockholm, strangely enough)  ….. 

                             I highly recommend that you make your way their next saturday ….. 

                                                       I saw a coat just like the one above

                                      Walk  your way to Rottingdean village hall -Park Road Brighton

                                            For more information on the Rottingdean vintage fair:

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