vegetable stir fry and egg fried rice …..

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Stir frys are great for using up odds and ends in the swedish interior design fridge …. I always have a bottle of clear spring tamari and sesame oil and a packet of cashew nuts handy …. then chop up carrots, broccoli, greens, onions, peppers anything that you fancy really …. get a wok, stir fry 5 garlic cloves, thumbnail of ginger and a couple of fresh red chilies, (all chopped in small pieces) for a few minutes and then throw in veg for 5 mins or so and then add your tamari …… leave leafy greens until last …. I normally stir fry my veg in three or four goes depending on how many I am cooking for…. the secret is to not cook too much at one time. If you are frying curly kale…. add a little water and lemon and do it separately for 7 mins or so ……throw in garlic and chilli towards the end ….. do cashew nuts on their own last ….
vegetable stir fry and egg fried rice in a wooden bowl
egg fried rice
vegetable stir fry and egg fried rice

Boil rice in advance.. I always use white balsmati … it cooks so quickly and tastes delicious …. all you do is add 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of boiled water with a teaspoon of Bouillon powder stock and then place in saucepan and bring to boil with lid on top … when boiled ….  place a tea towel on top of pan and place the lid on top over tea towel ….. leave for 20 mins covered …. result perfect rice ….
for stir fried rice the secret is to let it cool before you use …. beat two eggs …. throw a glug of oil in wok with garlic and ginger and cashew nuts then add rice after few mins and fold in eggs until nicely fluffy  and cooked….. just a few mins should do it…. throw in parsley and fresh mint if you have it to garnish ….. yum … serve up 


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