Timeless days and Timeless dresses

Its taken me years but at last I have changed my relationship with Time – most of my adult life it pushed me forward, made me ill, but then I realised ‘Time’ was nothing but a manmade conception…. for without Time I am free…

Ironically we have about 25 Mora clocks in our apartment as we sell them but wow they are so beautiful, all with a life of their own…. the clock face below I made into a bedside clock .. 
Here a Mora clock in all its glory from swedish interior design
Timeless clothes …. Ewa i Walla.
madeleine lee wears ewa i walla dress and hat
Timeless clothes …. Ewa i Walla… 

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  • Dear dear dear Madeleine!

    I FOUND YOU!!!!
    LOVE your blog <3

    Big big hug and hope to see you soon!

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