‘The beauty of all things lace’

Think of all that beautiful fragile lace made by hand all those years ago when ‘Time’, I’m sure was a man of peace, not the frantic whirlwind he is today….

I love sourcing vintage lace from all over the world, especially Sweden. Rather than hoard it away in a draw, wear it, hang it, frame it, make cushion’s, throws and shawls and cloths, the possibilities are endless… 

The wedding present to my husband, he proposed to me whilst watching ‘Its a beautiful life’

My mother, inspiration of all thing Swedish

She made this bird for me and I sewed it on a piece of vintage lace and framed it

Ewa I walla of the day; 

It doesn’t  have to be a special occasion to dress up, if it makes you feel special just do it anyway, thats easy with Ewa I walla….

Ewa I Walla Lace  Edge Scarf used as a table runner:

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