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Ewa I Walla moss silk lace up dress ….

slk moss ewa i wall adress by madeleine lee and tony mac

        Dancing under the dappled sun ….  under the bows of  green ……… glad to be alive … all photos by Tony Mac                              …


The last of the bluebells with Tony Mac ……

ewa i walla blue dress worn by madeleine lee and shot by tony mac

I caught the last of the bluebells in this sunning Ewa I Walla dress the other day …. we are in the process of making a coffee table book here at Swedish Interior Design with the talented photographer Tony Mac…


French birdcage turned into a dolls house ……

French birdcage turned into a dolls house by madeleine lee featuring a fireplace , kitchen table and ewa i walla childrens clothing

I bought a french birdcage and turned it into a dolls house …. I had fun mimicking my own home …. sourcing old dolls house furniture in scandinavian folk style …..the dolls are vintage peg dolls that I collected over…


Beautiful Ewa I Walla Spring/Summer 2013 moss silk dress

Beautiful Ewa I Walla Spring/Summer 2013 moss silk dress by madeleine lee

Having a mad moment here ……… worn with white Ewa I Walla underskirt  beautiful lace up back   


Dress Art ……

how to create art installations with ewa i walla dresses with antique sleigh, swedish mora clock and great light

I brought a beautiful pink tulle dress in Rottingdean vintage Fair yesterday for a song ….. (ran by by the beautiful  Elif Kose )…… here I laid flowers and bowers and petticoats around the dress to make a little piece…


Another Ewa I Walla angel to the gang …….

madeleine lee ewa i walla showroom

Ewa I Walla bought my old friend Jo and I together after twenty seven years …..  she came to visit me from South of France to check out my wardrobe and now she is hooked …. …. word of warning…


Mary Jane Ansell meets Ewa I Walla

Mary Jane Ansell using Ewa I Walla dresses at her shoot with madeleine lee at

Here are some of the shots that Mary Jane Ansell took here at Swedish Interior Design …..   the models are wearing Ewa I Walla …….. a little sneak preview before they become works of art … although I think…


Helena Bonham Carter In Ewa I Walla …….

helena bonham carter wears wa i walla in vogue UK



Plaits and dresses…..

madeleine lee showcases Swedish hair plaits and ewa i walla dresses in her ewa i walla showroom

Introducing yet another beautiful woman to Ewa I Walla ….. such a pleasure ……  Misha tries on a petrol silk dress and flower dress from two summers ago …….                      …


Come on Sunshine …….

ewa i walla silk dress by madeleine lee and tony mac of killer image photography

Beautiful Ewa I Walla lace up dress from summer 2012 collection …………            Visit the new Ewa I Walla webshop for fantastic and beautiful Ewa I Walla special offers