Swedish rye bread …… perfect for christmas …..

The Swedish Rye Bread recipe as promised made in the swedish interior design kitchen  …. so so delicious you will make it time and time again …..

Ingredients – 50g butter – just under one pint of milk – 50g yeast – 7 dessert spoons of lions syrup (naughty but a big part of the taste) -2 teaspoons of salt – 5 heaped teaspoons of dry fennel seeds – 750 g flour (half rye – half plain )

Melt butter in saucepan, add milk, warm until tepid- put yeast in a large mixing bowl – pour milk and butter with bowl with yeast – mix – add syrup, salt and fennel – pour in flour gradually and mix to dough – leave dough to rise for 40 mins with tea towel on top – roll out – make into 4 round cake shapes – place the drinking side of a glass in the middle to take hole out ( you can make the round pieces into small buns) 
Put on baking tray- put fork in bread – leave to rise for 30 mins with tea cloth over – turn oven onto 225 – place one loaf of bread in the oven at one time for ten mins – leave to cool on rack – yum yum yum enjoy – lovely with chunks of cheese and ham or just on its own with butter – right I’m off to make another a loaf ……. 

                                                       sharing food with friends

                                                          dressed in christmas red ewa walla

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