Spelt bread and somSarah

First I want to share with you a delicious extremely quick recipe for spelt bread, I mean the preparation is quicker than popping out to the bakers.

Take 500g spelt flour
10g fast acting dry yeast
50g sunflower seeds – 50g sesame seeds – 50g linseeds – add a handful of fennel seeds and honey for a Swedish twist
500ml warm water

Heat oven to 200C – combine all ingredients, adding water last – mix well – turn into greased tin- pop in oven for one hour – remove and leave to cool- yum and gluten free too – you can sprinkle linseeds before the bread goes in oven as I have done in pic above …

These wonderful pieces of work are by a beautiful Swedish girl called Sara of whom I look forward to working with on my children books … here are a few pictures … a very talented artist 

                                          After eating all those Swedish buns and bread mmm

                                                    You can visit her website www.somsara.net 

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