Pave the way to a de- ‘light’ -ful morning …..

 The first thing I do on cold grey mornings is turn on my lovely feel good lights …… it makes such a difference, all cosy and calm …. munching breakfast in sparkly twilight … Yesterday I made the light below, I wrapped some great battery charged lights (white company) around a fresh moss ring, tied some white ribbons around it and hung it up under my chandelier above the dinning table. I then added a few trinkets which I tied on with lace, finally adding strips of white muslin which I tied into plaits … lovely … 

                                            munching breakfast under the welcoming light

                           Here I brought some angel wings and added star light for added effect

                                                 Rose lights on the settle by my bed

                            Tread lightly todays my friend….. tread lightly ….. no need to try ….. just be …..

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