Pan fried Sardine recipe …..

hand fried sardines in garlic

Well its neither autumn, winter or summer right now…. don’t no what it is … just grey and wet … so I decided to cheer up my day with a plate of sunny sardines … I just threw them in seasoned flour … placed them in a pan of sizzling butter … browned them… three to four minutes each side … meanwhile  I made aloe sauce by placing a handful of swollen garlic cloves and a pinch of sea salt and half the juice of a lemon into a pestle and mortar…  adding a few tablespoons of olive very slowly until I had a good thick paste …
Pan fried Sardine recipe

          serve with watercress and lemon quarters ….close your eyes and imagine a sandy beach …with love from swedish interior design

Pan fried Sardines on a wooden plate



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