More girls join the Ewa I Walla Gang

ewa i walla lace dress by madeleine lee

You just can’t stop yourself … as soon as Ewa I Walla clothes hit your skin something happens … you feel more alive … young, carefree … here three more beautiful girls join the Ewa gang…. in true cowgirl style 
ewa i walla dresses for our friends
ewa walla dress lace and creme

the beautiful petticoats can be found in every colour upon their sight …..

ewa i walla cuffs and lace dress

 These beautiful cream cuffs are from Summer 2013 

ewa i walla dress for jo cooper
ewa i walla dress in brown
Article Name
More girls join the Ewa I Walla Gang
Madeleine lee introduces new converts to Ewa i Walla fashion design with a number of ewa i walla dresses at the swedish interior design showroom


  • Hi Madeleine…

    I had to come and take a look at your blog after talking to your husband today. I love these clothes!!And I love your style and the photos here on the blog are so gorgeous!

    I would love to wear these clothes – and perhaps one day I will. I am so used to American style unfortunately and it’s “the same old, same old!” I used to love to wear hats – but I felt a little self conscious about it, so I stopped.

    But the artist in me says – maybe I’d better have another go at some of these clothes that you are wearing. Now – all I have to do is to lose a little weight to be able to pull them off!

    Thanks for your inspiration! Speak soon..


  • yes, yes! have another go!

    Her clothes are like second skin to me …. I tell Ewa I wear them instead of having a face lift, they make me feel so young,free and swishy x I love your blog by the way x

    I could do a Ewa I Walla write up for ur blog if you liked x all my love Madeleine x hope u r having a great weekend xxxx

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