making lace crowns …….

making lace crowns


Handmade lace crown and antique scissors

I wanted to make special presents this year …. special presents for special people … I liked the idea of giving crowns …. a crown to put on when you feel down, remind you of the special person that you are …. here’s how to make a lace crown ……

you will need fabric stiffener

a piece of lace to fit around the crown of your head

a good glue


silver or gold beads

embroider piece of lace the same size as the crown

First step is to find a tin, I used a biscuit tin that is perfect size for lace. Wrap it with grease proof paper, cello tape it to keep it in place. Now wrap the main piece of lace around the tin and secure it with a pin. Spray or paint your fabric stiffener onto lace. The grease proof paper stops the lace from sticking to the tin. I did a couple of thick coats. You will need to leave this overnight to dry. Now you have the base of your crown. Remove the crown from the tin. I laid the lace out straight to glue on my stones and charms and extra lace. I then replaced it back around the tin and gave it one more spray and left it overnight. By morning your crown will be ready.


wrapping paper made from old sheet music

You can make a pretty box for it by covering a old box with music paper and nice christmas pictures, pieces of lace, buttons and charms


hanmade box decorated with old photos


I continued the theme on the card …. I found lovely old fashioned pictures on the internet and printed them onto textured paper …




handmade molly lifesize doll withe handmade crown

Here is Molly, my rag doll wearing a crown ….. and below is my favourite girl in the world, Jasmine, wearing her crown. Her mother, to the left  is my darling friend, Erika, that led me to Ewa I Walla …. of all of which I am wearing of course … including the hat ….. you can go to to check out her beautiful fairytale range of clothes ….. happy crown making ….IMG_7181

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making lace crowns
article about how to make crowns from antique lace and decorate them to give as great christmas presents

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