Kedgeree …………comfort food for all this rain

Its raining, it won’t stop, I’m writing my novel, or attempting to should I say, the flow seems to have flown away today …… so what do I do instead …….  I light the swedish interior design kitchen with candles and atmospheric lights, turn on some classical music and make some warm comfort food …… Kedgeree, one of my favourite easy dishes ……. nothing like a good meal to bring back the creative juices ..

200 g basmati rice
700 gr undyed smoked haddock fillets
2 free range eggs
fresh bay leaves
2 shallots 
2 cloves of garlic
knob of butter
2 tablespoons of curry powder (Steenburgs .. do the best spices and herbs, highly recommend them)
1 tablespoon of mustard seeds
one tablespoon of smoked paprika
tablespoon of bouillon
cup full of milk ( I use soya milk)
peppercorns .. all spice if you have it 
handful of toasted cashew nuts
2 chopped tomatoes
handful fresh parsley leaves
a small pot of yoghurt 

Kedgeree with eggs and cashews

Fry the onion and garlic in saucepan until soft, add mustard seeds and curry power for a few more minutes until you add the rice, I always use one mug of rice to 2 cups of boiling water with 1 tablespoon of bouillon added to it, bring to boil with lid on top… when its boiled I take it off heat and add a kitchen towel to the top of the pan and place lid back on quickly … leave until use, this creates a steam, making the rice extra fluffy………
Boil your eggs for 10 mins and then rinse under cold tap and peel…
Take a shallow pan add milk and haddock fillets, bay leaves and a few all spice peppercorns, let simmer for five or so mins until cooked through but still soft ……. place on the side and allow to cool …. brown cashew nuts in oven for 10 mins … cut eggs in slices … break haddock into flakes ….. throw rice and haddock and juice of lemons together into serving bowl, mix, sprinkle on cashew nuts, smoked paprika and parsley, lastly adding sliced eggs … serve up with yoghurt …. yum ……. watch the rain as you munch on your lunch ……. oh I think my creative juices are starting to flow again ….

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