Every piece tells a story …..

I have collected pieces of art along my journey of life … nothing expensive or fancy but pieces with a story behind them… 
The most beautiful gifts I think you can receive is something carved from the heart of a friend, be it a simple painting or a poem… there were a few christmas way back when I had no money for presents and I made everything … the gifts were far more valuable than the ones I could ever have bought.

                                                  A wedding gift made by a dear friend

It was a cold day, years ago, rain pelting down, a lady rushed past, I hardly noticed her, her body made invisible to me by age… but then she turned, retraced her steps and asked me to her house for coffee, she was lovely, charming. Oh but I am far too busy I said, well I was,  I had a song to complete, the guitar and unfinished lyrics waited for me at home … Time was not on my side I said … she looked sad and walked away, told me she was an artist and all alone … 

And then I realised I had spent so much Time waiting for my life to ‘Begin’, thinking it would happen when I got the record deal,made a name for myself, I had forgotten that life was made of many unexpected things … like chance meetings …

Well I had coffee with that lady that day, what a rich amazing life she had lived … upon her walls there were photos of her younger days, beautiful… so beautiful I wouldn’t have missed her then… so why, why, is the outside so important to us …. we must remember to look inside too … the hearts that tell an incredible story may not be so obvious at first ….. I left her house with this … a gift, a bust she had made years ago, she unwrapped it from a old piece of newspaper dated back in the fifties, she hadn’t opened it since… she wanted for me to have it, to thank me, for stopping, taking Time to make her feel valued in a society that runs too fast….

                                                 My mother painted me this for the kitchen

                                               My Sister hand painted this egg cup for me


                                           and much more… another time maybe ….

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