Creativity and petticoats

Last night I picked up the guitar and began writing a song for the first time in three years. It occurred to me how immensely cathartic writing had been.

Many of my songs reached the hearts and ears of others, some just floated away unheard and forgotten….  but never did I realise until now, how each song was a step to bringing me forward in my understanding of  life, all those questions, hopes and frustrations that flew from my heart instead of laying unheard inside… many songs held an answer too, an answer that at the time I may not have recognised…. 

So if you have been holding off, waiting until you find that special time for being creative …. make it happen … you never know what you might find inside ….

madeleine lee wears ewa i wall bloomers

                                                                strumming a tune

                     I love Ewa I walla for their wonderful selection of beautifully made petticoats 

                                                         Swish, swish layer after layer

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