Ageless mother …. ageless Ewa I Walla

Having tea with my beautiful mother in the heart of the Swedish Forest dressed in Ewa I Walla … how wonderful … it doesnt get better than that … I shall always see her as ageless … always see the young girl within her … the beautiful woman that she always was… always will be …. moments to be tresured 
here we are wearing this season Ewa I Walla 2013autumn/winter dresses … ageless dresses….  make you feel young whatever the amount of years you have walked …..
this spotty dress is from summer 2013 ….ewa I walla dress's

she is an amazing artist …. she has such an eye for colour … something I am gratefull that she has passed on a little to me ….


Here is one of her paintings, I placed a pair of her shoes from when she was a little girl by its side 

                             This is my mother’s fur coat and hat from when she was little …. 

                                    An old picture of my mother in her fur coat and hat in the snow …..

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Ageless mother .... ageless Ewa I Walla
ewa walla dresses are great for women of all ages - stylish chic and beautiful

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