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Making Easter Eggs ……..

how to Make Easter Eggs from papier mache by madeleine lee

I have had great fun making Easter Eggs this year for Swedish Interior Design… not the chocolate kind but decorations ….. Here I  photo copied lovely vintage Easter picture from the net and cut them up and glued them on foam…


Come on Sunshine …….

ewa i walla silk dress by madeleine lee and tony mac of killer image photography

Beautiful Ewa I Walla lace up dress from summer 2012 collection …………            Visit the new Ewa I Walla webshop for fantastic and beautiful Ewa I Walla special offers


Ewa I Walla petrol silk briek ……

madeleine lee shows a Ewa I Walla petrol silk briek with white fur coat

Here I am wearing a petrol silk briek …. one of my favourite Ewa I Walla designs … I also found a beautiful vintage white coat and placed red embroider criss cross stitch trim around cuffs and hem to add…